Rina 莉奈


Early 30’s


158cm / 5’2


93-58-90 / 37-23-36

(Japanese) E cup / (US) C cup


Japanese: Native

English: Basic Daily Conversation


*Note: Theses are general preferences but subject to change without notice





High Heels:


Buddies Threesome:











Preferred Alcohol / Soft Drinks:

Beer, Champagne

Preferred Snacks:

Anything is welcome!

Most Appreciated Souvenir/Gift:

Anything is welcome!

Description:  Rina is a girl with a “look”, and you’ll understand the minute you see her.  She favors understated clothes lately, but ones that still show off her assets. She styles her hair carefully before ever leaving the house and always has her nails decorated to match the season.  Combine that with an ever present smile and her big, bright eyes and easy laugh and you have a companion perfectly designed to give you a sensual good time!  Back in the day, Rina dabbled in the JAV world and says the experience was fun and “educational”, but that she prefers the opportunity for a more personal connection.  Rina has nice curves, a pretty face and soft skin.  She is available most days, especially with advance notice.  Rina has some marks on her arm leftover from years ago when she struggled with mental health but is now a bubbly, entertaining, high motor companion who loves to relax and loves the thrill of anticipating what’s next!
Likes/Dislikes:  Rina loves all physical sessions, and can go for a long time! Like everyone she appreciates someone who sets the mood, but says sometimes getting straight into it is a turn on as well.  Although she is up for even marathon sessions, she does prefer someone who is still gentle while being firm. Toys, showtime and threesomes are special options she says she particularly gets into.
The Scoop From Dave:  Criminally  underrated, with Rina who have a companion who discovered her sexuality very early and just has never slowed down.  She responds best to those who take the “girlfriend experience” to go both ways — respect and a smile go a long way in bringing out her best.