Overnight Courses

There is nothing like waking up to a sexy, attractive woman who is still “in the mood” if you are!
Our basic Overnight Course is from 10pm to 7am, with other other options for an early start if you’d perhaps like to get a late dinner together first and for a late start if other commitments keep you from meeting by 10pm!
**Overnight appointments assume there will be at least 4 hours of sleep time. If you plan to play all night please let us know and we can adjust accordingly.

Standard Overnight (Central Tokyo Rate)

10pm-7am     120,000yen

Overnight Plus

8pm-7am     150,000yen

Late Start Overnight

12midnight-7am     100,000yen

Standard Overnight Rates Further Out:

Non-central Tokyo, bordering Tokyo (Yokohama, Kichijoji, etc)


Far non central Tokyo/difficult access, parts of neighboring prefectures ( Machida, Hachioji, etc)


Special Service Areas, areas very far but served regularly (Yokosuka, Narita etc)