Fantasies / Options

Add Fantasies and Options to cater your appointment to your special likes and desires!

Please let our staff know about your requests when arranging your appointment, even if it doesn’t seem to need any special preparation!

Costume, Clothing, Role Play Requests


Each of our lovely girls has her own preferred costumes and these are available upon request for a small extra fee. From maids to cheerleaders, we help you live out that special fantasy.

We also try to accommodate clothing requests at the same rate — let us know what you would like your date to slip into to make your time absolutely perfect!



For many men, nothing says “sexy” like a pair of stockings or pantyhose showing off the contours of a woman’s leg. They heighten the anticipation, stimulate the imagination. For a nominal fee your escort will wear the stockings or pantyhose of your choice.

Garter & Stockings


For slightly more, get the full classic lingerie experience: garter belt and stockings, seductively framing your date’s hips and legs, escalating the sensuality of the moment.

Lingerie Requests




For an added erotic twist to your date, why not ask your favorite escort to bring HER favorite toy? Vibrator or vibrating “eggs” can add another element of bedroom fun and some of our girls would love to share that fun with you. We do ask that you consider your escorts feelings as toys can at times lead to uncomfortable over stimulation.



Nothing is more of a turn on than watching a woman turn herself on! With fingers or toy, your date will give you a show before you join in!



We offer this option, rare and still mostly taboo in Japan, with a limited number of girls who really have no sexual bounds. Please understand that while these girls will do their best to please, at times there are size issues and may not be able to accommodate.

Availability: Megumi, Rio

Souvenir Panty


Something sexy to remember her by.. upon request your date can leave behind her most intimate clothing with you.

- BDSM-type Fetish -

Asian Mystique offers BDSM / Fetish courses of different types.  The type of play determines the course. 
During the 90 minute course 2 to 4 types of play would typically be included.

Light Fetish

90min   50,000yen

When you’re dabbling in the submission world or just prefer types of play that don’t require special skill or rare accessories this is your course. 

verbal abuse, spanking, eye masks, water sports

Deep Fetish

90min   60,000yen

When you prefer your mistress take a firmer hand and it may need some special skill or accessories this is your course!

wrist tying/hand cuffs, wax play, gag or gag ball, etc