Miyabi 雅




177cm / 5’10


86-60-86 / 32-22-32

(Japanese) C cup / (US) B cup


Japanese: Native

English: Fluent


*Note: Theses are general preferences but subject to change without notice


School girl, bunny girl, cow girl, micro bikini, 体育着


High Heels:


Buddies Threesome:










Preferred Alcohol / Soft Drinks:

Wine, whisky

Preferred Snacks:

Cheese, 茎わかめ(Kuki Wakame)

Most Appreciated Souvenir/Gift:

Bath bomb, body lotion/oil

Description:  From time to time we are blessed to have someone with us who grounds herself in the sensual side of life, and is determined to have a good time whatever the circumstances. Miyabi is just such a person.  Miyabi is a physical specimen.  At 178 or 179cm tall, with long hair..Miyabi is a striking figure, immediately giving off the “vibes” of someone special.  Her face you would say is “pretty”, not “cute”..and if you’re not sure the difference now you will when you meet her!  Outgoing, friendly , well mannered and fun you would not think of her as “cute” but instead a number of other superlatives.  Able to joke with you one moment but ask to go another round the next Miyabi is well rounded and as one of her clients said “sex incarnate”. Miyabi has a lot of professional, artistic tattoos and a couple of body piercings that we can’t show for privacy reasons..but are fun to explore and even those who say they generally arent into tattoos have found hers intriguing.

Likes and Dislikes:  Miyabi has found herself enjoying both sides of the BDSM spectrum and is open for a lot of fetish play — this is only possible when advance notice is given.  Miyabi loves all types of play but really loves special types of play like threesomes, “moresomes” toys and more! Again, please arrange Options ahead of time, even if they don’t have obvious preparation.
The Word From Dave:  Miyabi may seem intimidating, but she is very much not! She is all woman, not little girl, but is fun and outgoing.  If you prefer a “PSE” to a “GFE”, she is worthy of consideration and if in the past you were a fan of Kei , she is in that vein! She’s a top choice!