Mirai 未来


Late 20s


160cm / 5’3


84-58-84 / 33-22-33

(Japanese) B cup


Japanese: Native

English: Basic Daily Conversation


*Note: Theses are general preferences but subject to change without notice


Upon request


High Heels:


Buddies Threesome:











Preferred Alcohol / Soft Drinks:

Wine, champagne, beer, water, black tea

Preferred Snacks:

Cheese, fruits, popcorn

Most Appreciated Souvenir/Gift:

Perfume, lipstick, nail polish

Descriptions:  Mirai is a “returnee” having briefly been with us in her early 20s.  Having been out in the world exploring, she is back — we were excited to hear she was back in Tokyo!  Mirai is slender and athletic, she is friendly and open with a warm heart, but not a “giggler” type.  She has enjoys the company of new people and says she takes away something from everyone she meets.  From hours in the gym or time spent intimately Mirai says she enjoys a work out, but also enjoys connecting to people.. take the time to warm her up and she gives a special reward!

Likes/Specialities:  Mirai says she enjoys all types of encounters, her positive mindset always finding the best from what she is doing. She prefers intimacy to be with her and one partner so for now is not available for threesomes, but enjoys turning her partners on with special treats, so is particularly into our Showtime and Toy options!
The Scoop From Dave:  Purely Japanese, Mirai nevertheless has an exotic look and an enigmatic smile.  She keeps herself in wonderful shape and reacts well when this is appreciated. She’s quiet but that should not be taken for shyness, she just waits til she is sure before expressing herself.  Trim and petite, a good self awareness and dedication to being physical make her a good choice for those who are into athletic girls (rare in Japan), slim girls or those who more into depth than silliness. She isn’t ideal for those who prefer the “idol” look or someone who purely wants a workout..because though she is into fitness, Mirai is at her best when she feels at least a cursory connection to her partner.