Hikari ひかり




153cm / 5′


94-60-92 / 37-24-36

Japanese E/F cup


Japanese: Native

English: Fluent


*Note: Theses are general preferences but subject to change without notice


School girl costume



High Heels:



Buddies Threesome:










Preferred Alcohol / Soft Drinks:

Tea, tea highball, coffee, unsweetened drinks

Preferred Snacks:


Most Appreciated Souvenir/Gift:

Beauty products, kitchenware, seasoning, tip

Description: Young college girl Hikari will be a true hit for those who love the freshness and life of a younger type.  Hikari has been gifted with a tempting combination of attributes:  inviting eyes, doll like mouth, a very “adult themed” body — including F cup breasts that she says are the “first AND second thing men notice about me”.  Hikari speaks excellent English and is more comfortable with herself than most girls her age, and has always been a girl who wants to say “yes” more than “no” she says.  Hikari wears braces at the moment, adding to that gap between her look and her intimate skills and she promises they dont get in the way of anything she does with her mouth!  Hikari is the rare young girl who not only knows what she likes but goes out and looks for it and isnt embarrassed to say so.

Likes/Dislikes:  Hikari says she gets excited when she feels her partner getting turned on, and its such a strong instinct she has come to love most sexual activity.  As with other girls available for other options make sure to mention the options you would like during booking , they can not be added during the session.  Please also note that even light BDSM (S&M) is not included in our Basic Course.
The Word from Dave:  Hikari is an ideal choice for those who prefer a young type, or a busty type, or just a fresh girl who isn’t shy and is a more than willing partner.  The short hair and braces play well for costume play of course, and her interest in threesomes, toys, and even anal play are a kind of a hint at what she is like.  She is more than just a sexy young lady however, with a good head on her shoulders, excellent communication and an easy going way about her.