Yuna 優奈

AgeMid 30s


E cup


Japanese: Native

English : Detailed Daily Conversation


*Note: Theses are general preferences but subject to change without notice

High Heels
Buddies Threesome×
Show Time×
Preferred Alcohol/Soft DrinksSoft drink
Preferred Snacks
Most Appreciated Souvenir/Gift
Description:  Asian Mystique usually aims for a “Girlfriend Experience”, with Yuna we provide something a bit different. She still offers the “Girlfriend Experience” in of course not limiting how many times things are done, no clock watching, being engaged and also enjoying herself — but Yuna describes herself as more of a “Friends With Benefits” experience! She doesn’t necessarily specialize in a romantic setting, but rather she is the “cool girl” you know who can hang with the guys, not make you censor yourself and be real with ..but once its time, she is also more than fun when things get physical!  With a bit of a baby face, Yuna gives that interesting gap between an innocent smile and a body that’s anything but!  Curvy, with a unique style all her own Yuna is a fun, casual, relaxed date.
Likes / Specialities:  Yuna says she enjoys when her partner values what she brings to the table — a straight forward good time, with no pretenses.  She admits she likes in herself the disconnect of being a bit casual most of the time, but turning it way up when she is in the bedroom.
The Word From Dave: Yuna is really good at being herself and letting the person she’s with be themselves.  She really is that girl you don’t have to impress or feel uncomfortable with because she is just herself and just wants her partner to be themselves. She prides herself on finding something in everyone that she can learn from and respect.