Asuka 朱鳥

AgeEarly 40s
Height169cm / 5’6

84-60-84 / 83-23-33

(Japanese) C cup


Japanese: Native

English : Basic conversation


*Note: Theses are general preferences but subject to change without notice

High Heels
Buddies Threesome×
BDSMDom, sub
Show Time
Preferred Alcohol/Soft DrinksSoft drink
Preferred SnacksCake, egg, toast, yogurt, fruits
Most Appreciated Souvenir/GiftJewelry, sweets, fruits
Description:  Several years back Asuka came upon the competitive fitness world and was instantly hooked.  Asuka maintains a very feminine atmosphere with very feminine needs and desires, and paired it with a well toned physique that is rare in Japan.  Her fitness gives her a physical approach to life and intimacy, and she has endurance to spare!  She is tall , with a bright smile and long hair. She prefers a casual look but shines up nicely when requested. She has an irregular schedule, available some early mornings, afternoons, and late nights. 
Likes/Dislikes:  Asuka is well suited to slow burn  sessions of intimacy or more full body workouts, but also enjoys the chance to build tension with flirty looks and small talk.  She is ideal for those not intimidated by a physically strong woman and appreciate the self confidence maturity and experience bring. She is not a match for those who prefer a dainty, shy or who are looking for the long conversations as Asuka is still working on her English.
The Word From Dave:  Asuka along with Chihiro are the most athletic AM has to offer and we were happy to welcome her to the team because although we know she wont be everyone’s cup of tea, we know we haven’t always been able to provide variety for those who want truly sporty and athletic types.  Although we cant give details, Asuka is well known in her field and really is a special and unique type , a bit quirky and with a great sense of humor and curiosity.