Eu Na

Height163cm / 5’4


C cup


English : Near fluent; can speak in depth on many topics

Eu Na is back in Tokyo after some time away and we are happy to have her.  Eu Na is slim of frame and with pretty, young face.  Eu Na is a genuine “girl next door” type, she doesn’t put on airs or act a role, she is always herself. She is quiet and reserved, maybe even a bit shy to start but this should never be taken as a sign she isn’t interested, she is simply a bit quiet.  Indeed, when asked about why she is with Asian Mystique Eu Na told us “I love meeting everyone, and I love how connected this makes me feel to everyone!”.   Eu Na is down to Earth, and has an understated beauty to her.  She appeals to the type of man more concerned with something that feels like a real date more than someone who is interested in a porn star type. Of course, when its time, Eu Na warms up very nicely in the bedroom as well, and as always, makes sure its all genuine – never forced.  Eu Na says she is happy to be back in Tokyo as her best experiences are here.