Junna 珠奈

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G cup


English : Basic


*Note: Theses are general preferences but subject to change without notice

High Heels
Buddies Threesome×
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Description:  Junna brings substantial “assets” to Asian Mystique!  Junna says that by the time she was finishing junior high she was already a “D” cup, and things kept progressing, and says maybe because of the attention that brought her she was quite physical and sexual from an early age saying she was always open to exploring new things.  With milky skin, shiny eyes and pixie like smile, Junna has an alluring combination of outright sexiness and a warm cuteness.  Junna is not a slender type, but rather full figured and balanced. She favors clothes that give easy access, and said she wished she had known opportunities for fun like Asian Mystique offers earlier. 

Likes/Dislikes:  Junna says she is into sessions that are “like sports” or a more casual sensual both, is always excited when she sees she has given someone pleasure and is looking forward to trying to new things.  She thinks of intimacy as between two people so she is not available for threesomes at the moment.
The Word from Dave:  Junna is a bit on the chubby side, but carries it well and honestly it would be difficult to be slim with her endowment.  She is another down to Earth, genuine type, who is incredibly open, prides herself on her sexual energy, but who is still very much a girl next door type until things heat up!

How to Order