Risa 梨沙

AgeLate 30s
Height168cm / 5’6


(Japanese) D cup / (US) C cup


Japanese: Native

English : Fluent


*Note: Theses are general preferences but subject to change without notice

CostumesChinese dress, apron
High Heels
Buddies Threesome
Show Time
Preferred Alcohol/Soft DrinksChampagne, water, herbal tea
Preferred SnacksDried fruits (cranberries)
Most Appreciated Souvenir/GiftLip gross, fragranced candle

Description:  The first thing to know about Risa is that we didn’t recruit her — she recruited us.  Finding us on social media and explaining this was something she’d always been interested in but was finally daring enough to do , Risa is a motived provider of fantasy fulfillment and eager to try all the candy in the store, so to speak.  Risa has lived abroad and speaks English well, is slim, a bit quirky in character, but knows what she likes.  Risa has a medium build, is tall at 168cm, and has an aura about her that suggests she’s happy to talk but is just as happier to get a bit dirtier than words allow.  

Likes/Dislikes:  Risa particularly likes when she can see that she has pleased her partner — a sound, a physical reaction, a look.. she says the thing that can her the most excited is knowing her partner is.  She is new to the world so she is still figuring out what she likes best but is keen to find out soon!
The Word From Dave: Before interviewing her there was some nervousness on our part of who would show up.  In fact, no nervousness was needed.. Risa is a self confident person very aware of what she likes and who she is and not ashamed to say she is very much a “bad girl” in the best of ways.  Recommended for those who are more concerned with a good time than the number in the age column.