Premium Courses


When you have a favorite, or you just prefer company for longer the 6 hour Indulgence Course is how to treat yourself!

The Indulgence Course is our basic course extended to allow all the time you need for everything you have planned! 

**At 6 hours, the course assumes refreshments and at least a light meal/snacks will be provided.
6hr 100,000yen

Our basic course provide a complete and straight forward experience within our framework. 
If you are looking for a good time with fewer guidelines to worry about , more flexibility to play — this may be the course for you! This is the course for the non-conventional date!
Some examples of previously approved requests: 
“Can she come to my office and..?”
“I’ve been invited to a Swingers Party and need a partner…”
“What if she showed up, no underwear, and immediately got busy..?”








Need multiple girls? Planning something (or want us to plan?!)  that you’d read about in a Rolling Stone Magazine expose?

This is the course for you. Invite 2,3 , or more women to join your party and let the good times roll!

Asian Mystique offers BDSM / Fetish courses of different types.  The type of play determines the course. 
If you don’t need a full BDSM course, individual fetish types are available on the Fantasy / Option (LINK) page.
During the 90 minute course 2 to 4 types of play would typically be included.
Soft Course
When you’re dabbling in the submission world or just prefer types of play that don’t require special skill or rare accessories this is your course. 
verbal abuse, spanking, eye masks, water sports
Deep Course
When you prefer your mistress take a firmer hand and it may need some special skill or accessories this is your course!
wrist tying/hand cuffs, wax play, gag or gag ball, etc
Sub Course
If you are the Dom in your fantasies and you need an obedient, submissive companion this is your course.
*The Sub Course involves more risk on our part and as such requires a brief , one time interview before hand with our staff ( 5000 yen fee for interview).