Reika 玲香

Height162cm / 5’4

83-56-83 / 33-22-33

(Japanese) C cup / (US) B cup


Japanese: Native

English : Daily Conversation


*Note: Theses are general preferences but subject to change without notice

CostumesOpen to requests
StockingsMany available
High HeelsBeige
Buddies Threesome×
Show Time

Preferred Alcohol/Soft Drinks

Water, coffee, tea

Preferred Snacks

Dried fruits, fresh fruits

Most Appreciated Souvenir/Gift

Lingerie, perfume, body cream

Description: Slender and graceful, people comment that their first impression of Reika is that of a high end, elite hostess type. Indeed, she has the look — done up nails, styled hair, trim figure that she always maintains. That elegance however hides another side of Reika, who has a real talent for the erotic side of life. Reika has the charm, looks, body and attitude to give you the girlfriend experience, but is so physical and open she is more than happy to provide a more “porn star experience” as well.

Likes/Specialties: Reika says that frankly, more than small talk and healing massages, what she really likes to do is to get down to business! She says she has the energy and desire and loves to “play”. Among the more exotic courses, she is particularly interested in BDSM course as the Dom.

The Word from Dave: Probably due to her winning smile and hostess-like look people underestimate Reika’s eroticism and ability (and desire!) to get dirty! Those who want a more hard core type experience, this is your girl. (Fans of Kei and Asami in the past, this is the inheritor of their roles!)