Nana 奈々

**Nana needs at least one day of advance notice for appointments.

AgeEarly 40s
Height158cm / 5’2

86-58-86 / 34-23-34

(Japanese) C cup / (US) B cup


Japanese: Native

English : Daily Conversation


*Note: Theses are general preferences but subject to change without notice

CostumesNurse, OL
StockingsGarter(black, white), stockings(black, beige)
High HeelsBlack
Buddies Threesome
Show Time

Preferred Alcohol/Soft Drinks

Champagne, wine, Campari

Preferred Snacks

Nuts, chocolate

Most Appreciated Souvenir/Gift

Nothing in particular

Description: Just about the perfect “MILF” — well past the age of being self conscious of anything and open to all of her sexual impulses, Nana offers up a terrific body and naughty mind. Nana keeps herself in excellent shape with regular exercise, of all kinds, and that gives her a toned, slim, athletic look. Nana brings together a sexual vibe and outlook with an always ready body — but is not aggressive, just a natural sexual being.

Likes/Specialties: Nana is licensed for massage and enjoys working out a partners tension, before moving onto even more intimate activity. She notes she is very flexible and enjoys taking advantage of that fact in a variety of ways! She also enjoys group play and turning on her partner by teasing him by playing with another girl.

The Word from Dave: Nana is an exceptional woman, constantly sexual but not over the top, open minded and easy going, she is all about providing satisfaction and feeling good.