Miyabi 雅

Height177cm / 5’10

86-60-86 / 32-22-32

(Japanese) C cup / (US) B cup


Japanese: Native

English : Fluent


*Note: Theses are general preferences but subject to change without notice


School Girl, Bunny Girl, Cow Girl, Micro Bikini, 体育着

Garter & Stockings

Black, White

High Heels

Clear, Black

Buddies Threesome
Show Time

Preferred Alcohol/Soft Drinks

Wine, Whisky

Preferred Snacks

Cheese, 茎わかめ(Kuki Wakame)

Most Appreciated Souvenir/Gift

Bath Bomb, Body Lotion/Oil

Description: Miyabi is the tallest Japanese woman you’re ever likely to meet at 177cm, and that won’t be the last thing you find completely unique about her. Miyabi is not a quiet, demure passive type. She is outgoing, fun, friendly, sexy ..with long legs, sensual face, and a look designed to show you she is all about being a bad girl. To protect privacy we can’t show them, but Miyabi has some tasteful body art on her, tattoos and a couple rare piercings we know you’ll enjoy exploring.

Likes/Specialties: Miyabi loves to be submissive, so much so she told us she couldn’t understand people who can be both “Dom” or “Sub”. Miyabi also enjoys group sex, from three people on, long make out sessions with men or women, and also when things are a bit rough. (note: our basic course does not include real Submissive or rough play, please see our Sub Escort course if interested!)

The Word from Dave: Miyabi is a unique type, a girl who is straight forward ready to play and who clearly enjoys just about everything that can be done behind closed doors!