Mako 真子

**Mako generally requires one day notice

Height165cm / 5’5

82-54-82 / 32-22-32

(Japanese) B cup / (US) A cup


Japanese: Native

English : Detailed Daily Conversation


*Note: Theses are general preferences but subject to change without notice 

CostumesSchool Girl
High Heels
Buddies Threesome×


Show Time

Preferred Alcohol/Soft Drinks

Non Sweetened Tea, △Alcohol(White Wine, Sparkling, Cocktail)

Preferred Snacks

Salty Chips, Cheese, Fruits

Most Appreciated Souvenir/Gift

Jewelry, Lingerie, Candy

Description: Mako has a body like a runway model: tall and slim, and she has a smile to warm a thousand hearts. Its a killer combination and its put to use as Mako has always surrounded herself in the erotic arts – from pole dancing to burlesque and more Mako is a talented sensual entertainer.

Likes/Specialties: Mako loves to get lovey-dovey and stay cozy with her partner, enjoying that feeling of being connected. Pillow talk with natural touchy feeliness is another of her special touches that she brings to a date. Mako also enjoys role playing with or without costumes, BDSM types of play, and is talented at massage.

The Word from Dave: Mako has serious skills when it comes to the bedroom, and a variety of interests that can be take advantage of. Her entire adult life has been a study in the erotic and she is very eager to show off what she has learned. She is very slender which very occasionally has led to some questions but Mako is very healthy, she is just naturally slender.