Emi 笑美

Height161cm / 5’3

88-60-88 / 34-24-34

(Japanese) D cup / (US) C cup


Japanese: Native

English : Good listening, speaks in short sentences and phrases. Improving quickly


*Note: Theses are general preferences but subject to change without notice

CostumesOpen to requests!
High Heels
Buddies Threesome

Show Time

Preferred Alcohol/Soft Drinks

Beer, Champagne

Preferred Snacks

Baumkuchen, sweets

Most Appreciated Souvenir/Gift

Anything is welcome!

Description:There are some who walk the sexy side of life because their hormones just don’t let them take any other path.  Others like Emi arrive there another way:  their mind and spirit gradually guide them into a deeper sexuality , exploring the world and themselves.  Emi doesn’t immediately impress as sexual, with nice but casual manner of dress and no obvious signs of what’s to come..however, once comfortable and in private she shows you what she’s all about!  Emi has a “thing” for nice teeth and in return has a great smile as well, complemented by thoughtful eyes.  With a medium build, shapely breast and a body that she says is sensitive just about anywhere depending on her lover, Emi is fit to explore and up for being explored.

Likes/Dislikes: Emi is still gaining experience and so hasn’t truly discovered her “favorites”, but is enjoying the discovery process. She most feels able to open up when she’s not rushed she says, and while saying its not quite a “fetish”, admits to enjoying oral and seeing her partner’s reactions.

The Word from Dave: Emi has surprised us — on first impression she may seem very serious, but once comfortable she opens up , treats you with her smile and then shows off a non-stop motor. She has discovered a talent for what we do.