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  Indulgence Course
For the client for whom 1 or 2 hours is not enough time to enjoy all the pleasures to be had from a sexy girl we offer the 6 hour long Indulgence Course.  This is the Basic Asian Mystique course extended to 6 hours for the leisurely pace some yearn for or time for a "full workout" that others have the energy for. 
(* In Zone C/S the Indulgence course is 5 hours due to distance)

       zone A
 zone B
 zone C
 zone S
92,000 yen
97,000 yen
102,000 yen

  Hollywood Course
Here at Asian Mystique we are proud that our Basic Course in most cases is able to provide a "girlfriend experience" to our valued clients. Our aim with our basic course is to provide a date-like, intimate time for our clients. We recognize however that some of our clients may have other fantasies in mind, something less structured, something more wide open, something more "Hollywood". Hoping to take your date to a Swinging Party? To have her meet in your office? Want to not worry about itemized costs of little extras like costumes, clothing requests? This is your course. The rate is higher, and that allows us to cater to your individual fantasies and saves you the trouble of following some of our normal guidelines about location, services, division of time. You can expect increased openness and initiative, and catering to your special requests.

Not all girls are open to this level of service so not all are available for the Hollywood course. If you have specific questions about your fantasy, please ask. Some approved requests so far: "I want the girl to show up in garter stockings, no panty, and without a word touch me...", "Can the girl come to my office, after hours?", "I have been invited to a Happening Bar and need a partner...".

What Hollywood style date do you want?

       zone A 1 hour 50,000 yen
2 hours 65,000 yen
5 hours 130,000 yen
overnight (8pm to 7am) 200,000 yen
Ask staff for rates outside of Central areas.

  Party course
As part of our emphasis on "girl next door" types who provide a basic girlfriend experience, up to now Asian Mystique up to now has not catered to parties. However, to meet demand we have created the Party Like a Rock Star Course.

For the party course, you choose any number of girls to entertain at your event: bachelor party, entertaining your clients, etc. They will change your fun party into something you might read about in a Rolling Stone expose. The girls will provide a sexy edge to your event, mixing with guests, having a natural good time partying with you. Unlike most countries, escorts in Japan generally do not have stripping experience so strip teases are not available, but sexy games are, and if your event has a private back room your entertainers will be ready for one on one encounters there. Your entertainers are there to make the party go!

If you have scene epic nightlife parties in the movies or read about legendary rock star parties and always wanted to create one on your own, this is the course for you.

If your group includes 3 or more men, there is an extra charge for security who will accompany the escorts to the party location but remain nearby unseen, just there to ensure safety.

       zone A Up to 4 hours 100,000 yen per girl.
each additional 2 hours + 55,000 yen

Ask staff for rates outside of Central areas.

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