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Depending on the circumstances of your order, we require different pieces of information. Please make use of this checklist to help facilitate setting up your appointment. A more detailed explanation is provided below.

1. Choose an escort
We recommend having a 2nd and 3rd choice in mind as well
2. When do you want to meet?
  1. Same day appointment - Very welcome, but do keep in mind some girls need more advance notice. Give us a call or Email us and we will let you know who is available today.

  2. Advance appointment – what is your priority: when or who?
    1. When – Ask us for the availability schedule (we only have it for this week, remade every Saturday for a coming week)

    2. Who – Let us know what girl(s) you are interested in and give us several meeting times that are good for you.
3. Where do you want to meet?
  1. Hotel – we need your check-in name and room number.

  2. Residence – If you want a girl to come to your residence, we require your address (including the name of the building and the apartment number). Also, to ensure that the girl arrives promptly, please let us know the closest train station and station exit to your home. A name is also needed so that the girl knows how to address you. Finally, a phone number is necessary in case there is a problem finding your home, if the girl is late, or if anything else comes up.

  3. Love Hotel – choose a neighborhood (for example, Shinjuku). Then, we need a cell phone number, a name, and a description of you.
4. How long do you want to meet for?
We need this so that we can determine the rate (rate depends on length of appointment and location).

Here is the same information in a more detailed format:

Please take a look at the girls on our website and choose several who interest you. Because each girl determines her own availability schedule, not all girls are available every day or even every week. Consequently, girls’ availability may vary greatly. The more you choose, then the greater likelihood is that we will be able to set you up with the right girl.

More on this below -- but when you are asking about availability, the more details you give us (e.g. hotel, name, when) the quicker we will be able to give you a concrete answer.
  1. If you are hoping for a same-day appointment, your choices will be limited, but there is always a possibility that we will have that one girl. Give us a call or Email us. We are happy to let you know who is available on a given day. If the girl of your choice isn't available, ask for a recommendation. It is our goal to set you up with someone whom you will have a fun time.

  2. If you are looking to set up an advance appointment, you have two options.
    1. Each week on Saturday, we assemble the girls’ availability schedule for the upcoming week. Once we have the schedule put together, we can send you the availability schedule for a single day, for the whole week, or for any girl.

    2. Alternatively, if you have a specific girl(s) and time(s) in mind, let us know and we will make a direct inquiry with the girl(s) in question.

      That said, setting up appointments over two weeks in advance is often difficult. A month or more in advance is usually impossible. We don’t want to waste your time and, as we known that our girls can’t commit to that far in advance, we stick to short-term arrangements.
Now that you've chosen a girl, we need to know when you would like to meet her.

Schedule and transportation permitting, most of our girls are willing to meet anytime 24 hours a day. With enough advance notice almost anything can be done – but still, it is good to be realistic. Please keep in mind that most of the girls are evening people and the transportation costs are prohibitive when there are no trains running.

That said, there two ways to set up a time.
  1. You can let us know when is best for you. Please be specific and name more than one time if at all possible. The more flexibility you give us, the more options we will be able to provide you.

  2. We can send you our availability schedule for a given day or week. As mentioned above, we compile this schedule each Saturday for the upcoming week. On it, you can see when a girl is available and chose a time that fits her schedule. This is a great way to set up an appointment as you will bypass any haggling over times. Once you have chosen a time just let us know, we will reconfirm with the girl(s) and set up the appointment.
We send girls to three types of locations: hotels, residences, and love hotels
  1. If you want a girl to come to your hotel room, then we require the name that you will be or are checked-in under and your room number.

    The reason we require your check-in name is that if for any reason there is a problem (the girl is late, your floor is locked off, etc.) we will need to contact you. Japanese hotels have strict rules about calling guests' rooms and require a name. We are very aware the need for discretion. Any personal information we possess is erased from our records after your appointment.

    Regarding room number, we only require that you get to us at least one hour before the appointment. You can be late, but if we don’t hear from you at least by that one-hour mark, we will cancel the appointment.

  2. If you want a girl to come to your residence, we require your address (including the name of the building and the apartment number). Also, to ensure that the girl arrives promptly, please let us know the closest train station and station exit to your home. A name is also needed so that the girl knows how to address you. While we don't require a phone number, is highly recommended that you provide us with one in case there is a problem.

    In regards to residential appointments, please also be sympathetic to the fact that the girl may take a little while to get from the station to your place. We do our best to help her navigate, but walking in high heels and dealing with the complex address system in Japan can take time.
We are happy to set up appointments for love hotels. Given their popularity and exciting nature, they deserve their own tutorial section. Love hotels generally cost from ¥7000-¥10,000 and are short stay hotels. This price is a separate cost that you should keep in mind when ordering.

Generally, we set up love hotel appointments by having you meet the girl in neutral spot and then she will guide you to a recommended love hotel. We recommend one of two neighborhoods, Shibuya or Shinjuku, for love hotel appointments, but if you know a neighborhood and a hotel that you prefer, let us know and we will set up an agreeable meeting spot.

Because of the potential difficulties in meeting up we require four essential pieces of information:
  1. A precise location to meet (we are happy to provide this and help you get there)

  2. A cell phone number

  3. A name (so that when the girl is looking for you she knows how to confirm you as her appointment)

  4. A description of yourself including race, build, hair, clothing, accessories

Finally, the last bit of information we need in order to confirm an appointment is how long you would like to meet the girl.

The rates for our most popular courses are, as always: one hour ¥28,000 cash or two hours ¥35,000 cash. Please not if an appointment starts before midnight and ends after midnight, there is a 3,000 yen travel fee added on to pay for return taxi. If an appointment starts at 1am or later and finishes before 5am, there is a 5,000 yen travel fee to pay for taxis both ways. For hotels in Odaiba add +2,000yen. Click here to see more options on our rates page. At no time will you be or should you be asked for a tip.

Be aware though, once you've decided on a time and met the girl: You are locked into paying for that time. In other words, say, for example, you make an appointment for 2 hours. The girl arrives, but your friends just called and would like you to have a drink with them, and so you would like to shorten the time. You are free to give her permission to leave at any time, but the rate stays the same -- ¥35,000 for the two hours.

With enough advance notice, changing the length of an appointment is not a problem, but at the last moment it is a problem as it costs the girl valuable time and money. To cancel an appointment when the girl has just arrived, there is a fee of ¥5,000; cancellation within the 1 hour prior to the appointment is ¥5000; cancellation 2 hours prior is ¥3,000; cancellation 3 hours or more prior is not subject to a fee; late night, after trains have stopped running the cancellation fee is ¥7,000

Conversely, in the case that you make an appointment for one hour and want to extend to two hours -- extensions are very welcome BUT the girl's availability for that second or third hour is not guaranteed. She may have to leave and we ask that you respect her time. If she is available, the rate remains the same (i.e. to extend from one hour to two is 7,000 yen; 28,000 yen for one hour + 7,000 yen = 35,000 yen for two hours; to extend from two hours to three, three to four etc, it is 13,000 yen for each additional hour)

Once we have all this information, we will send you an Email confirmation or call you back with a confirmation. If you do not receive this confirmation, please contact us and we will immediately rectify the situations.

Also, if your plans change, you are late, or anything comes up please just let us know. We try to be as flexible and understanding as possible. The most important thing to us is communication. We will do our best to keep you informed and get you what you need. Please keep us informed so that we may manage the girls' time as best as possible.

If there is something not covered here, please feel free to ask. Other information is provided on the fantasies page and FAQ page that is not addressed here, but could serve to spice up your appointment. Our staff is happy to deal with any inquiries and it is our priority to make sure that you have a positive experience.

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