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Asian Mystique Client Guidelines.
Obviously time with an escort is a fluid situation and no one wants or needs a lot of rules hanging over their head. We do, however, have a few simple guidelines to help ensure a smooth and enjoyable date.

1)  Our escorts are just that, escorts.  They provide company to gentlemen, providing an enjoyable time. Please treat them with the same respect you would anyone else.

2)  How you spend your time with our escorts is largely up to you, however there are some basic requests that an escort might have that need to be respected.  If during some strenuous efforts the escort needs a breather, please grant her that. If during some interaction she requests that you be a bit more gentle or lets you know something hurts, please respect that.  Our escorts will do their best to give you the most out of your time with them, but they do have limits.

3)  When setting up an appointment the staff will help you choose an escort that best fits your needs, for example, a girl that kisses.  Please remember the staff are setting you up with a girl that generally does those services, its not an absolute promise. Again, a vast majority of those times things will be ok but at times something unforeseen may come up.  An example may be that if an escort brushes her teeth and for some reason there is bleeding, then for everyones sake she will take extra precautions.

Beyond that, some common sense and respect and things will go well.  If you have any questions about expectations, please feel free to ask.

1) Where are you located?
Asian Mystique is an outcall-only escort agency.  Although we have an office, the office is used only by employees.

2) Where are escorts available?
We have escorts based in Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, and Fukuoka. We serve those cities and their surrounding areas, for example, Yokohama, Kyoto, and Makuhari.  Areas as far as Narita Airport, Kobe, and Yokosuka are also inside our service area.  Areas outside the central Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka and Fukuoka have a higher rate.

If you are in another area of Japan or outside of Japan we may be able to help you on a case by case basis. To date we have provided escorts in Korea and Taiwan.

3) Are the pictures real?
The pictures on the site are almost all taken by Dave, the owner, himself.  They are not retouched except to take out identifying birthmarks and tatoos, and to cover the eyes.  Like all companies of course we attempt to take flattering pictures, but the main goal is to give an idea of body type as well as general face shape.  Un-mosaiced pictures are not available as the privacy of our escorts is an utmost concern.  Pictures are updated regularly.

4) Is the girl I choose the girl I will get?
We know many agencies and independent girls promise one thing and deliver another. Asian Mystique does not operate in that fashion, we never "bait and switch".  The escort you choose is the one we will send. Every time. If she becomes unavailable we will let you know immediately and help you choose another girl.

5) Is this safe?
Safety is a primary concern at Asian Mystique. There are several separate issues here:

 a) STDs.  Escorts are tested regularly, the frequency depends on their schedule.  Although incidents are rare, they have happened. In the event an escort has something, she is not allowed to work again until she is healthy again and has tested negative.
b)  Privacy.  Unless we are asked to, Asian Mystique deletes client information within 24 to 48 hours of the end or their appointment.  Escorts do not have access to client phone numbers or email addresses.
c) Privacy continued.  Asian Mystique escorts will not ask you for your contact information and clients should also refrain from asking.  Meeting inside the agency rules ensures the safety and peace of mind for both clients and escorts.

6) How do I make a reservation?
Reservations can be made either by email or phone us at 080-5454-9795, either in advance or the same day (subject to availability).  On the main page you will find a "how to" guide for reserving.

7) The escort I am looking for is never available when I ask for the schedules. Why is that?
There could be any number of issues. Some girls have a very limited schedule, some work only days, some only weekends.  At times a girl may only be accepting repeat clients, and there are cases of a girl for personal reasons not accepting a certain type of client.  For example, an escort with many friends in the U.S. military may not accept appointments with military clients or at bases for fear of running into someone she knows.  If you have a particular escort in mind please let the staff know when asking the schedule and they will let you know the schedule of that particular girl.

8) I am interested in a particular fetish...
Asian Mystique specializes in "girl next door" types providing a girlfriend type experience. There are a few fetishes we can cater to, but generally we are not a fetish agency.  In particular we do not provide "S&M/BDSM" services, even "light".  Feel free to ask about particular fetishes, and if we can accommodate we will, but we apologize in advance if we aren't able to help you.

9) Do you provide strippers for parties?
Unlike, say, the US, few girls working as escorts in Japan have dancing or stripping experience so this is something we can not help with. If you need general entertainment for a party something may be able to be worked out on a case by case basis.

10) Am I allowed to take video or photos?
Photography of any kind is not allowed during dates with our escorts.

11) Do I need to pay a tip? Are there hidden costs?
Although tips are always welcome, they are never required and not required to enhance your appointment, unlike other Japanese style agencies. The rate you see on our website and will be quoted when making your appointment is the total amount that is required.

12) I have a "fantasy" not listed on the fantasy page.
As with fetishes, please feel free to ask and we will see if we can accommodate you.

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