Eu Na

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Age : 26
Height : 163cm / 5"4
Vitals : 86 (Ccup) - 58 - 86 / 34 - 23 - 34
English : Near fluent; can speak in depth on many topics.
Comment : We feel fortunate to host this down to earth, casual style girl from Korea. Soft spoken but with a lot going on between her ears, Eu Na has a calming energy, a shy but sincere smile, and a way of warming up. Much more of a "girl next door" type, Eu Na is an excellent choice for those looking for a relaxing, laid back date with a girl who loves to make a good time but doesn't want an intense encounter. Nice legs, well balanced breasts and fair skin are some of the highlights to expect!
Special notes :
Costume : babydoll, lingerie

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