AM:ALT is focused mainly on supplying Dom Escorts to our clients, but we have submissives available as well.

The system for submissive escorts is different, to ensure the safety and well being of the escort.

Prior to a play session, the client and the escort have a meeting with the owner (Dave) present. Expectations are outlined, safe word agreed upon, and compatibility assured. The client is required to give a copy of ID (hard copy, for security sake nothing will be kept online) and the location will be decided.

After that each appointment will follow as normal. For Submissive Escort dates, the escort will be accompanied by a chaperone who will be out of sight but nearby.

Please inquire with the staff for availability.

Submissive Escort rates

Initial Interview 5,000yen

90 minute session 60,000yen

Note: Rates assume an appointment in Central Tokyo, outside of Central Tokyo rates will be higher.

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